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Mar 132013

My name is Tully, and I am but a simple dreamer. Tully Palm Beach 1

I could never say I’ve planned my life to head in the directions it has, but music and art has for as long as I can remember been a part of most things for me, and for that I am grateful.

I have no dreams of grandeur, or recognition and pride, (and we’ve all heard that before :)), but I’ll gladly share openly what I can, and whilst ever seeking to remain humble in nature, in the light I am confident in what I can give.

Tully Palmy 2

This website is but a place to share a little of my journeys and creations, whether for the curious, the random, my friends and loved ones or those I may work with in the future.


No doubt the vision for the site will take a while to see become whole, but it will come, and for what it’s worth be a fair representation of many of my dreamings.

Peas, smiles, and a lot of love to you,


Tully Palmy 3