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Jul 132014

Revisiting an oldie . . 2008 show at “Fairlight Folk” with Nik.E and Brother Matt. The tale of one mans fight to save the town from the Devil himself . . . But is he really who people think he is????

Mar 152014

A take on John Lennons “Paul Bitchslap”, dedicated to our own Scott Morrison

Jan 292013

I sat down before Christmas, and tried to bring Vernons masterful artwork to life.

This simple result is soundtracked by an “audio montage” of the new record.

Sep 292012

A living-room version of a tune dedicated to JJ Glam and Luke Escombe, who in different ways inspired it, along with countless hearty souls!

I own none of the images featured and copyright belongs to their respective owners.

Peace out.

Jul 012012

A song performed @ MVM with Dave Calandra. Dave tells the story behind the song as he changes a string.

Jul 012012

A duet with Zoe Elliot @ The Manly Jazz Festival, performing one of her delicious songs, “My Only”.


Aug 212012

I do love to sing a good ol’ cheesy love song occasionally, even if I can botch it like this.

Aug 212012

The only Buckley song I’d ever attempt, and only because I can be loud and jagged, and it kind of suits it. Though I had a bit of a memory skism in the middle.

Aug 212012

I dig this girl. Only discovered her music recently, though supposedly the world has known for a while!

Sep 132012

From a one off night at the Fig Venue  for a special fundraising event hosted by Kat from Thought Cloud. Raising money for My Happy Village, supporting health and education in rural Cambodia.

All artists were asked to perform a beatles song, though none of us knew what the others were doing . . . surely no-one would be stupid enough to try Day in the Life!?!

Also featuring Luke EscombeLeisure BanditsMark WilkinsonMimesis and Matt Ferguson.


Jul 012012

A song written for a girl with whom I shared a long distance relationship. . . I was in Collaroy . . she in Hornsby (1/2hr drive :))

It was written to be performed as a duet, though since she wasn’t at the show, I sung both parts.

Jun 012012

A brief compilation by the crew of the Manly Fig of my set @ the opening night in 2009. I performed that night with brother Matt and the beautiful Nicole Elliott.


Jan 012012

A song written by Trevor Swadling and arranged by Selalu (Trevor and his wife Kathleen, Myself and my brother Matt)

Performed @ Humph Hall, and filmed by Wayne Richmond and Oni Elliott. Film edited by myself.

View the whole set at the Selalu Youtube Page


Jul 012012

A clip I shot and edited in my home for a good friend, and a favourite musican of mine, Dave Calandra.

Aug 222012

Before the souped up pickup system, I used to tune the 5th and 6th strings down a Maj 6th to try get some bottom end. This one’s with Mat and Nik.