Mar 132013

Tuition | Student 1I have been teaching guitar since 2006, and have learnt a lot, both as a player, and in ways to get people off on the right track in many styles of playing, through a healthy balance of practical understanding and creative inspirations.  

I am one of many teachers at MVM Academy, situated on the Premises of  Mona Vale Music, on Sydneys Northern Beaches.

Mona Vale Music

Mona Vale Music


Catering for a full range of contemporary instrumental and vocal styles, it is a place buzzing with creative flare and opportunity. With teachers from many professional backgrounds, music store, recording studio, P.A hire, and gig opportunities, it really does offer it all.

Tuition | Room 3

Call the store on (02) 9986 0589 to book a spot (It doesn’t have to be with me :)) visit their website,or email me directly.

Private lessons are $33 for 1/2hr $60 for an hour.


Tuition | Room 2

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