Poetry » In Every Other World


Jun 152012

I dreamed of you so long, of your spirit and chants,
Sometimes hurt by the difference, Mostly glad for the chance.

As our paths, they grew near, I met yours . . just a glance,
Twas a moment of lifetimes, our perfect romance.

Jun 152012

Fly away little songbird
Your heart it yearns to go
Fly away little songbird
To skies I cannot know

My tears are just rain upon your wings
But know my wish is fair
Fly away from here, and may those skies
Be clear for you up there.

Sep 292012

Once upon waking, I found i lay in a garden unknown
And felt countless small eyes meet the gaze of my own
A strange tree rose above me          forever it climbed
And on every leaf, a faery from dreams before time

Entranced, I was speechless, as at once they took flight
“Welcome young brother”, they all sang with delight
As galaxies they shone around my vision like stars
Then like raindrops of gold they fell softly to grass

They helped me to rise, and we danced through the air
I saw every wonder that could ever be there
Birds and beasts, Breadth and beauty to the ends of skies
Fruitful gardens of every colour, and through it all we did fly

It all seemed so homely, but I questioned my bliss
“I’m Dreaming, for nowhere is Earth still as this”

But a voice sang right through me and soothed every fear
“Life as you know it has always led here,
but most cannot open their hearts and let go,
For it is only then one can know  “

Sep 292012

So, here it goes

Like forever before

For all, or for my own?

Somewhere in the middle

I’ve painted roses dark

Thorns in white

I’ve loved with all I had

Just a little

Aug 232012

Love breaks the air . . . melting . . . together.

Sweat . . . sweet . . . shared.

We fall over the edge . . . writhing.

Through the earth . . . ether.

In your arms . . . Heaven.

Aug 232012

Ever since a child, I was a digger . . of trenches into holes
No matter how deep I delved though, I’d always find my way home

Aug 232012

I missed the sunflowers and tangerine,
The who’s, what’s and why’s of the sky at dawn
For I chose, not the morning, but the dreaming of night,
And wondered what to make of it all

Walk miles in the day for the heart to beat
Sometimes feeling nothing but small
But I wonder a lot of the weight on my feet
And about what to make of it all

Love is far from the only fancy I’ve known
But the hardest of things to let fall
A butterfly’s life, but a song for a day . . .
Would a weight be lifted if I knew the same . . .
No time for distractions, and no time to waste
Or to wonder what to make of it all

Aug 232012

Found love hanging in the falling rain
Found luck trampled by the golden way
Heading on the down road
Heading on down

Caught up believing I’d be old and grey
Held out till it was all in vain
Heading on the down road
Heading on down

Looked up, finally saw the sun again
Slowed up, remembering the beauty then
Heading on the down road
Heading on down

Aug 232012

Man, as a tree, in a forest of his peers
Will grow straight and tall
As is his will for light

Alone, under the harsh skies, how is man to grow?
Twisted? Writhing? Tangled?