Albums » In Every Other World
Apr 072013

In the stranger times, I find myself escaping to dreams of both beauty and sadness.
With a good coffee at hand, I play these songs to paint my picture of these times.
Sometimes up. . . Sometimes down. . . Always with love

Musical coffee dreams is a simple acoustic demo recorded in 2007 at my home on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. It’s not ground breaking or chart topping, and in fact it was recorded more out of frustration with other musical projects at the time, but it still resonates with me to this day.

I pressed only a few hundred copies, and now that they’re all somewhere out there, I leave it here for you to download, including the original album artwork. . . No catch, but if you do enjoy it please feel free to return and leave your thoughts in the comment box on the contact page, and/or sign up to hear more in the column on the right.